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 GKIDS Readiness Check

The GKIDS Readiness Check parent resource page is currently under development and will be live in August 2017. Please read more about the GKIDS Readiness Check here on the Georgia Department of Education's webpage.
Transitioning your child into kindergarten is an exciting—and sometimes worrisome—time for families. Your child’s first years in school can set the tone for future school years, so it is important to make sure each child is prepared socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically to enter kindergarten. It is a time of transition that should be a collaborative process between the community, school, teacher, child, and family. 

About the GKIDS Readiness Check 

Across the nation, many states are measuring students’ kindergarten readiness. In Georgia, the GKIDS Readiness Check has been developed as an approach to thoughtfully measure the entry-level readiness skills of kindergarteners.  

The GKIDS Readiness Check will: 

  • Measure a child's knowledge and skills in three areas: Foundations of School Success, English Language Arts, and Mathematics
  • Help teachers plan instruction 
  • Help families understand their child’s strengths and areas for growth 

The GKIDS Readiness Check will NOT:

  • Keep your child from entering kindergarten                
  • Identify your child as ready or not ready for kindergarten 
  • ​Determine if your child “passes” kindergarten  

How will the GKIDS Readiness Check impact my child?

  • The GKIDS Readiness Check will take place during the first six weeks of kindergarten.
  • Teachers may administer activities at any time during this window by observing and working with children as they engage in regular classroom learning and routines.
  • Teachers will use the GKIDS Readiness Check to help understand and meet your child’s individual needs in all areas of development.
  • ​With the GKIDS Readiness Check, teachers will have information to share with families to work together so children can thrive in kindergarten and beyond.​​​

What resources are available for families?


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