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 Formative Item Bank in GOFAR

Purpose of the Formative Item Bank

  • To provide teachers with assessment and instructional resources that are aligned to CCGPS and reflect its rigor
  • To provide items and tasks for teachers to use in order to assess students’ knowledge while they are learning the curriculum
  • To assess students’ conceptual and skill-level understanding
  • To provide items and tasks that require students to
    • Apply the content they know to real world problems
    • Express logical reasoning by writing, showing their work and/or explaining their answer 
  • To balance the use of formative and summative assessments in the classroom

Contents of the Formative Item Bank 

  • About 1600+ Formative Classroom Assessment Items
  • Grades 3 through High School
    • Math and ELA
    • Open-ended
      • Scaffolded
      • Extended Responses
    • Selected Response
  • Focused more on Depth of Knowledge levels 3 and 4
  • Free for all Georgia Educators


How to Access the Formative Item Bank

  • Items are housed in GOFAR and may be accessed by using the “build a test” function.  This function allows teachers to “shop” for items by subject area, grade, and primary standard.​​
  • Resources to assist you in your search for items
    • About the Formative Item Bank Presentation (see link on the right)



Jan Reyes, Ed.D.
Assessment Specialist
Phone: (404) 463-6665
Fax: (404) 656-5976


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