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 Professional Learning Offerings

New! GaDOE - WIDA Professional Learning Seminars 2017-18

  1. WIDA Screener Administration
    1. Information
    2. Registration
  1. Introduction to the WIDA English Language Development Standards - information & registration coming soon
  1. Purposeful Lesson Planning - information & registration coming soon


New!  ESOL Director Tuesday Webinar Series 

7/11/2017  ESOL Screening: The Home Language Survey PPT

8/1/2017    Identifying ELs

8/8/2017    SIS Coding for ELs

8/22/2017  ESOL Program Placement

9/12/2017  EL Parent Communication

10/3/2017  ESOL FTE and Funding


New!  Understanding Language @ Stanford University

Understanding Language at Stanford will be offering courses in the upcoming  academic year, geared toward teachers and school and district leaders hoping to learn ways to support rich academic uses of language in content classes.  

In Summer 2017, Stanford is offering some webinars to help prepare schools In Summer 2017, Stanford is offering some webinars to help prepare schools  and districts about these offerings and to share what they have learned over the past several years from offering free, online courses.  (Hint: What you do to  organize your teachers and leaders in advance makes a BIG difference in what  they ultimately get from the course!) 

An informational webinar is being offered on August 2.  For more information on the courses and the webinar, please go to:

NOTE: This is an outside entity offering PD to educators across the nation; ESOL staff at the GaDOE are not connected with this course and are unable to troubleshoot or answer questions related to its delivery.


 CaseNEX ESOL Endorsement


Fulton County Schools' booklets "Promoting Language Learning and Academic Success in the Content Areas for English Leaners - Now with Common Core"

For information on how you might use these booklets in a district training please contact Barbara Beaverson ( at Fulton County Schools.