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 Professional Learning Offerings

New! GaDOE - WIDA Professional Learning Seminars 2017-18

  1. WIDA Screener Administration
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  •  Introduction to the WIDA English Language Development Standards
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  •  Purposeful Lesson Planning - information & registration coming soon

 New!  ESOL Director Tuesday Webinar Series 

7/11/2017  ESOL Screening: The Home Language Survey  Webinar  / PPT
8/1/2017    Identifying ELs     Webinar / PPT
8/8/2017    SIS Coding for ELs     Webinar / PPT
10/3/2017  ESOL FTE and Funding    Webinar / PPT
11/7/2017  ESOL Program Placement    Webinar​ / PPT
11/28/2017  EL Parent Communication   Webinar​ / PPT

Stanford University's Free, Online Staff Development Courses this Fall!

Starting October 3, Understanding Language at the Stanford Graduate School of Education will offer three online professional development courses sponsored by the Gates Foundation and S.H. Cowell Foundation to impact instructional practice, programs, and policy in order to create more meaningful learning experiences for language learners. There are two strands available for participants – one focused on instruction and the other on leadership.
Constructive Classroom Conversations: Improving Student-to-Student Interactions (10/3/17– 1/23/18)
To address college- and career-ready standards that emphasize the importance of speaking, listening, and conversing, Professor Kenji Hakuta and Drs. Sara Rutherford-Quach and Jeff Zwiers are offering a streamlined and revised course that focuses on helping teachers prepare students, particularly language learners, to have in-depth conversations about content area concepts and topics.
Integrating Language Development and Content Learning in Math: Focus on Reasoning (10/3/17 – 3/6/18)
Taught by Drs. Jeff Zwiers, Phil Daro, and Shelbi Cole, this course helps teachers improve learning activities that foster mathematical reasoning and language. It includes instructional activities to meet the needs of language learners and other students who struggle with the language demands of learning math.
California Leadership for English Learner Success (10/3/17 – 1/19/18)
Guided by the instructors, Maria Santos, Steven Weiss, Dr. Annie Camey Kuo, and Professor Claude Goldenberg, this course is for California educational leaders and their teams to gain a better understanding of EL students in their context, examine existing systemic structures, and develop or refine an EL implementation plan to propel systemic change and shift practices.

NOTEStanford is an outside entity offering PD to educators across the nation; ESOL staff at the GaDOE are not connected with this course and are unable to troubleshoot or answer questions related to its delivery.





eNEX ESOL Endorsement


 Fulton County Schools' booklets "Promoting Language Learning and Academic Success in the Content Areas for English Leaners - Now with Common Core"

 For information on how you might use these booklets in a district training please contact Barbara Beaverson ( at Fulton County Schools.