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 Evaluating Online Resources


Cyberguide Ratings For Content Evaluation 
A guide for rating the curriculum content on websites. Developed by by Karen McLachlan for WWW CyberGuides.


Cyberguide Ratings for Web Site Design 
A guide for rating the design of a website. Developed by by Karen McLachlan for WWW CyberGuides.


Evaluating Web Sites - Criteria for the Classroom 
Trying to sort out the gems from the junk on the Internet? Teachers and students may use the following criteria to select websites for their academic work.


Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests 
Is your WebQuest as good as it could be? This rubric allows you to score it along eight dimensions to see where it might be improved. This rubric may also be used when you are previewing WebQuests for use with your students. is a good place for teachers and parents to find tips, advice, and suggestions on making the internet a fun and productive experience.


 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sites 
Five criteria and their rationale for evaluating websites.