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 Audiological Services

Audiology is a related service as defined under 34 CFR § 300.34 of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and is provided to students who meet criteria for special education services under Special Education Rule 13 160-4-7-.05, Eligibility Determination and Categories of Eligibility. Audiology includes—

  • Identification of children with hearing loss;
  • Determination of the range, nature, and degree of hearing loss, including referral for medical or other professional attention for the habilitation of hearing;
  • Provision of habilitative activities, such as language habilitation, auditory training, speech reading (lip-reading), hearing evaluation, and speech conservation;
  • Creation and administration of programs for prevention of hearing loss;
  • Counseling and guidance of children, parents, and teachers regarding hearing loss; and
  • Determination of children's needs for group and individual amplification, selecting and fitting an appropriate aid, and evaluating the effectiveness of amplification.