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 Special Education Directors' Webinars

GaDOE staff will host the K-12 Special Education Directors' Webinar on the 2nd Tuesday of each month-except November and March. The webinars will support implementation of IDEA and improve results for students with disabilities.  Recorded webinars and a pdf of the presentation are posted here soon after the live meetings occur. 

Clicking on the link below will register you for all the Special Education Directors’ Webinars. 

Special Education Directors’ Webinars Registration

All webinars will begin at 1:00 pm.

​Date Time​
​09/11/2018 ​1:00 09/18 Recording Link​ 09/18 PowerPoint​ Link
10/09/2018​ ​1:00 10/18 Recording Link 10/18 PowerPoint ​Link
12/11/2018​ ​1:00 12/18 Recording Link 12/18 PowerPoint​ Link
​01/08/2019 ​1:00 01/19 Recording Link​ 01/19 PowerPoint Link​
​02/05/2019 ​1:00 02/19 Recording Link 02/19 PowerPoint Link​
​03/12/2019 ​1:00 03/19 Recording Link 3/19 PowerPoint Link​
​04/09/2019 ​1:00
​05/14/2019 ​1:00

FY 2017-18 Special Education Directors' Webinars