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 Community Eligibility Provision


CEP Concurrence Process

Official Instructions for Concurrence (PDF)

SY15 Concurrence Tools (PDF)

CEP Letter of Interest (PDF)

CEP 6 Cents Feasibility Worksheet (XLS) (Example PDF)​​

CEP Feasibility Worksheet Without 6 Cents (XLS)

CEP ISP (Identified Student Percentage Determination) (XLS)

CEP Multiplier Adjuster Feasibility Worksheet (XLS)

USDA Federal Reimbursement Estimator Feasibility Worksheet (XLS(Example PDF)

Training Resources 

​CEP Training (PPT)​​

Outreach and Promotions

SP 16-2015 (PDF)

CEP Press Release  (DOC | PDF)

FRAC Making a Case for CEP Presentation (PPT | PDF)

FRAC Making a Case for CEP Memo (PDF)


Georgia CEP and Title I Programs

Georgia CEP and Title One for SY16 (PDF)

Title I Data Form SY16 (PDF​​)​​​

Instructions for Form Determining Title I Data (PDF)

CEP ISP Determination WS (XLS​)

Declaration of CEP Continuance or Termination

CEP Declaration​ Letter (PDF)​

​CEP Support Documents

2015-1 Fee Waiver Form CEP Schools (DOC | PDF)

2015-2 Fee Waiver Form CEP Schools (DOC | PDF​)

14-15 Final Highest Number of Eligible Free and Paid for CEP Schools (PDF​)

Example of EOM CEP Claim (PDF​)

Georgia CEP Percentages

The data below was calculated using system wide data from the FNS-742, School Food Authority Verification Summary Report and is not fully reflective of the number of identified students.   This data is intended for informational purposes only and cannot be used to confer community eligibility.   It is however notification to districts and schools of the possibility of meeting the eligibility requirements of CEP.

All Districts and Schools Participating in CEP (XLS)

CEP Districts with 30 - 40% Enrollment (PDF)

CEP Districts with 40% or More Enrollment (PDF)

CEP Schools with 30 - 40% Enrollment (XLS | PDF)

CEP Schools with 40% or More Enrollment (XLS PDF)