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 Directors' Conference Presentations

Lighting the Torch for School Nutrition

School Year 2014

General Sessions

Avoiding Fraud and Abuse in Your School Nutrition Program

~ Tim Ray, Federal Compliance Coordinator, Georgia Department of Audits

Competitive Foods

~ Sarah Combs, Grants Program Consultant and Laura Tanase, Nutrition Education and Wellness Specialist, GaDOE

Food Trends Light Up Your Menu

~ Dayle Hayes, President, Nutrition for the Future

Ten Speed Invitational

~ Advisory Committee with Effective Solutions (ACES)

Break-Out Sessions

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) Update

~ Laurie Cartrett, Grants Program Consultant and Cindy Ham, Grants Program Consultant, GaDOE

The Cost of Processed Foods vs. Purchased

~ Andrea Perkins, School Nutrition Program Assistant Director, Forsyth County  Schools

Food Defense: See how it was done at the Olympics and see how you can do it in your schools.

~ Tonya Gray, Food Safety and Security, GaDOE and Kimberly Livsey, Regional Emergency Response Coordinator, FDA/ORA

Spicing Up School Meals

~ Rachel Petraglia, Culinary Coordinator, Gwinnett County Schools

Understanding Allowable Expenses

~ Eddie Dung, Auditor II, GaDOE

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