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 Program Highlights

Maximize School Breakfast Program


 It’s the beginning of SY2012, welcoming an array of new goals, expectations and commitments.   However, from year to year, one thing remains the same: a commitment to serving healthy meals   to children throughout Georgia. In SY2009-2010, Georgia Schools provided more than   200,000,000 school lunches and over 94,000,000 breakfasts were served. It is no wonder that   Georgia is amongst the top states in quantities of school meals prepared and served on a daily   basis.


 Maximize the potential that your program has to fuel the bodies and minds of students who enter classrooms and cafeterias everyday. While lunch is the most common meal associated with schools, breakfast is equally as important. According to the USDA, breakfast can effect intellectual performance. Begin this new school year with ways to encourage students to begin each new day with a nutritious breakfast.


The following link is a webinar conducted by the USDA, which includes resourceful information and tips for implementing School Breakfast:


For additional information, included the National School Breakfast Toolkit, go to:

School Nutrition Programs