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 Georgia Basic Skills Tests (BST)

The Basic Skills Tests (BST) were administered until the 1990-91 ninth graders graduated in June 1994. Students who entered ninth grade before July 1, 1991, and who completed all high school diploma requirements in effect at that time, except the graduation assessment, can return to attempt the Basic Skills Test(s) they have not passed. However, students who entered ninth grade before July 1, 1991 and dropped out of school for a year or more, without having completed all required assessments and other graduation requirements in effect when they left school, must pass the Georgia High School Graduation Tests that are required of the class in which they re-enroll. In other words, students who passed all the BST never need to take the Georgia High School Graduation Tests. If they passed some but not all of the BST, they may have to pass the entire set of GHSGT depending on when they re-enrolled. Individuals wanting to take the BST should contact the local school system they last attended. System personnel should check student records carefully to verify a student’s status with respect to taking the BST.

The BST are administered on the same schedule as the new graduation tests. Eligible students or former students who wish to take the tests to obtain their diplomas may take them at any of these testing times.

BST materials are not automatically sent to systems as the other test materials are. The system test coordinator must call the Testing Division to request materials prior to each BST testing period. Instructions for administering the BST and for returning the tests for scoring are included with the test materials.


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