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 Georgia's Family-Friendly Partnership School Initiative

Why Create A Family-Friendly Partnership School?

According to the book Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide for Family-School Partnerships by Anne Henderson, Karen Mapp, Vivian Johnson, and Don Davies (2007) welcoming environments provide parents with a reciprocal relationship where not only do they feel that they belong to the school, but the school belongs to them. Therefore, this sense of belonging motivates parents to be more active in their children’s education, which in turn ultimately has a positive impact on student achievement!

Welcoming Environments:

  • Make students want to learn!
  • Make parents want to attend school functions and volunteer!
  • Make school staff enjoy their jobs!
  • Make community members want to invest in the school!
  • Improves customer service and parent-school communications!
  • Make the school a place of trust, safety, and resources to students, parents, and the community at large.

Georgia’s Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools

To help schools, families and communities work together in creating a Family-Friendly Partnership School the Georgia Department of Education created Georgia’s Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools. Georgia’s Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools takes viewers on a virtual journey of an elementary and a middle-high school to show what makes a school family-friendly.

The Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools along with the handout materials on this website should be used by all— educational leaders, school staff, parents, school, parent, or community organizations and local business partners. As a result, schools, families and communities will be able to contribute to an environment that supports parent involvement and student success!

To view Georgia's Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools and begin your virtual tours please click on the appropriate link below to download the program to your computer. Although the Georgia Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools Program (hereinafter “Program”) is intended for public use, the Georgia Department of Education reserves all rights to the information, materials, graphics or logos appearing in this program. These materials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.
Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute the Program should be sent to: Director of Legal Services, 2052 Twin Towers East, 205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, SE, Atlanta, GA 30334.

If referencing the Georgia Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools Program in printed materials, please cite as:

Georgia Department of Education. (2010). Georgia Virtual Family-Friendly Partnership Schools. [Computer software]. Atlanta, GA: Engauge. Retrieved (date).

PC Users: Download

MAC Users: Download

If you have trouble downloading the program to your computer you may also contact Amy Park at to request a CD.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​