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 Title I, Part A Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

Supplemental educational services include academic assistance such as tutoring, remediation and other educational interventions designed to increase the academic achievement of students in low-performing schools which are provided outside of the regular school day.

Students from low-income families who are attending Title I schools that are in their second year of school improvement (i.e., have not made adequate yearly progress (AYP) for three or more years), in corrective action, or in restructuring status are eligible to receive these services.

The State is required to identify organizations, both public and private, that qualify to provide these services. Parents of eligible students are then notified, by the LEA, that supplemental educational services will be made available, and parents can select any approved provider that they feel will best meet their child’s needs in the area served by the LEA or within a reasonable distance of that area. The LEA (usually a school district) will sign an agreement with providers selected by parents, and the provider will then provide services to the child and report on the child’s progress to the parents and to the LEA.


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