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 APTT Data Collections

The Academic Parent-Teacher Team (APTT) data collections process is an essential component to the APTT program. Through the data collections process, classroom teachers are able to present families with data graphs of their student’s performance and growth on targeted foundational grade-level skills. The data collections process also enables the Georgia Department of Education to collect and compile state, district, and school level reports on the effectiveness of the APTT program as a strategy for school improvement and family engagement.

All APTT schools in Georgia are required to use the APTT data collections Excel file for the 2016-2017 school year. The file can be downloaded from this webpage and instructional videos are also available to users to help support their work in the data collections process. For more information regarding data collections process, please contact Nicholas Handville at​.

APTT Data Collections Instructional Videos

Duration: 9 min., 36 sec.
Duration: 8 min., 9 sec.
Duration: 6 min., 21 sec.
Duration: 13 min., 43 sec.
Duration: 23 min., 15 sec.
Duration: 23 min., 16 sec.
Duration: 14 min., 04 sec.
Duration: 14 min., 47 sec.
Duration: 14 min., 44 sec.
Duration: 18 min., 29 sec.
Duration: 20 min., 47 sec.