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 Title II, Part A Conference Materials

Federal Programs Annual Conference 2016-2017

June 21-23, 2016, Atlanta (Coming Soon)
  •  New Coordinators - June 21
    • Title II, Part A: Introduction
    • Title II, Part A: Budgeting and Internal Controls
    • Title II, Part A: Needs Assessment, Equity and CLIP
    • Title II, Part A: Documenting Compliance
  • All Coordinators - June 22-23
    • Title II, Part A: Documenting Effectiveness
    • Title II, Part A: State and LEA Equity Plan
    • Title II, Part A: Fiscal Compliance
    • Title II, Part A: Veteran Coordinator Panel
    • Title II, Part A: New Coordinators
  • Federal Programs Collaborative Sessions - June 22-23
    • Federal Programs: How to Draft Compliant Procedures
    • Federal Programs: Developing a Real Comp. Needs Assessment
    • Federal Programs: Ensuring Successful Private School Programs
    • Federal Programs: State Charter Schools - Fed. Prog. in a Nutshell
    • Federal Programs: Allowable Costs Across All Federal Programs
    • Federal Programs: What Every District Principal Needs to Know
    • Federal Programs: Title I and Title II Class Size Reduction

Federal Programs Annual Conference 2015-2016

June 15-19, 2015, Atlanta - Title II, Part A, June 18-19
2015-2016 Session Powerpoints


​Other Presentations