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employed in Georgia, and the development and administration of teacher certification … of the State Salary Schedule would be a teacher who had a Bachelor’s degree in Math … Rules/160-5-2-.05.pdf

160-4-3-.11 EXTENDED DAY GRANT PROGRAM. … base salary schedule . … schedule of approved extended day activities for each teacher and the enrollment of … Georgia Work-Based Learning Manual. … Rules/160-4-3-.11.pdf

the State of Georgia, referral may be made to a private school or facility approved by … 1. The state agencies receive a grant to pay teacher salary and benefits in their … Rules/160-4-7-.18.pdfView duplicates

160-5-1-.33 STRATEGIC WAIVERS AND … education policy for the public K-12 education agencies in Georgia. … (iv) Salary schedule requirements as provided in O.C.G.A. § 20-2-212; and State … Rules/160-5-1-.33.pdf