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 Data Collection Documentation

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE or Department) is required by state and federal law to collect and store student and educator records.  The Department takes seriously its obligation to protect the privacy of data collected, used, shared and stored. 
Below are brief descriptions of each data collection instrument used to collected data from school districts.
Certified/Classified Personnel Information (CPI) - Data Collection Documentation
Certified/Classified Personnel Information (CPI) is the data collection procedure whereby information is gathered on the individuals employed by school systems and RESAs.  Personnel information is transmitted through the CPI web-based application developed by the department.

End of Pathway Assessment
Free/Reduced Price Meal Eligibility - Data Collection Documentation
Each school district submits information by school of the total number of students eligible for free meals, reduced meals, based on October enrollment.
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) - Data Collection Documentation
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) refers to data collected for Quality Basic Education funding and is based on student enrollment and the education services provided by local school systems to students.
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Data Survey - Data Collection Documentation
The FTE Data Survey is a collection of information representing an overview of the academic environment within a school district and is used to support other data collection activities.
Georgia Unique Identifier for Education (GUIDE) - System Documentation
The GUIDE system is used by district and school personnel to generate unique IDs for all of Georgia’s public  school students in grades K-12.

Pre-ID Labels – Data Collection Documentation

Pre-ID data collected to produce labels for the main test administration of assessments in the Georgia state assessment program.  The labels alleviate the need for bubbling demographic and program data on answer documents.
Private School – Data Collection
Each district superintendent is required to report the total number of students who are living within their county but attending a private school.
Student Class - Data Collection Documentation
Student Class is a collection of class roster data which links students and teachers.
Student Record (SR) - Data Collection Documentation
The Student Record collects data on the instructional services provided to students by the local school system throughout the regular school year.  The Student Record data collection is the single largest data collection process conducted by GaDOE.
Teacher Class - Data Collection Documentation
This is a collection of a teacher teaching assignments with associated data.