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 Counselor Companion

Counselor Companion (for counselors and administrators)

Counselor Companion was designed for counselors, by counselors.  It provides school counselors and administrators with online tools to assist in their work of ensuring that all Georgia public school students are college and career ready, including monitoring students’ progress on the BRIDGE law requirements and accessing a variety of online resources on various counseling-related topics.

My Career Plan (for students)

My Career Plan provides middle and high school students with easy access to career assessments, the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP), and other academic and career planning tools within the Georgia Career Information System (GCIS).
Note: My Career Plan will be available for middle and high school students through the SLDS Student Portal on October 31, 2017.

Benefits of Counselor Companion/My Career Plan include:

  • No separate usernames and passwords are required to login to GCIS; once you access the student information system (SIS) you will have single-sign on access to SLDS and GCIS. 
  • No need to create “My Portfolios” for new students. When the student signs into the SLDS student portal and clicks the My Career Plan icon, the “My Portfolio” is created automatically.

  • If your students already have GCIS “My Portfolios,” their information will be aligned to the rest of their data within SLDS, meaning you will have access to multiple years of longitudinal data on each of your students.  

  • There is no need to transfer students’ “My Portfolios”.  When a student transfers to another school, the “My Portfolio” will move with them.

  • Students and/or administrators will not be able to create multiple student accounts, as the “My Portfolio” will be tied to the student’s unique GTID.

Training Resources

Counselor Companion FAQ Document

Middle and High School Counselor Webinar (10/5/2017)Having trouble watching this YouTube video? 

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