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Georgia's Future Workforce

​​R​egion ​6 Economic Development Meeting Videos​

Please find the Georgia's Future Workforce Documents below. You can click on the document title to view/download document.​ ​​​
Dr-Wall-Regional-Meeting-Region-6.pdfDr-Wall-Regional-Meeting-Region-6Region 6
High Demand Career Initiative Presentation-Region6.pdfHigh Demand Career Initiative Presentation-Region6Region 6
Workforce Pipeline Regional Development Presentation- Region6.pdfWorkforce Pipeline Regional Development Presentation- Region6Region 6
CTAE-Resources-page-Region6.pdfCTAE-Resources-page-Region6Region 6
Global Workforce Initiatives Presentation Region6.pdfGlobal Workforce Initiatives Presentation Region6Region 6
Agenda-Region-6.pdfAgenda-Region-6Region 6
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