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2021 Summer Literacy Conference

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2021 Literacy and the Whole Child Virtual Summer Literacy Conference  

The Georgia De​​partment of Education (GaDOE) is excited to announce the 2021 Summer Literacy Conference, an event that will include sessions featuring literacy experts from across the state and country. Presenters will offer Georgia educators various professional learning opportunities to improve literacy instruction for all students. Tapping into the wealth of knowledge, research evidence, and collective wisdom of our literacy partners across the state will be a transformative experience for Georgia teachers and leaders! 

Conference Highlights

  • 3 Conference Strands: Student Engagement, Reading, and Disciplinary Literacy
  • “Choose your own Adventure" Format
  • Catered by audience: July 27: B-5, July 28: K-5, and July 29: 6-12
  • Embedded ELL Teacher Institute and Media Specialist Institute
  • Featuring National and International Speakers: Kristin Ziemke, Cris Tovani, ReLeah Cossett Lent, Emily Rubin, Gary Bingham, and Rachel Giannini
  • Actual Georgia teachers/practitioners sharing their expertise
  • Leadership Lightning Talks
  • Gamification elements​

Who: All Educators

Teachers, Teacher Leaders, School/District Leaders, Media Specialists, Instructional Coaches, Paraprofessionals, Informal Learning Practitioners, Family and Community Partners ​​

When: July 27-29, 2021

A main goal of the virtual conference is to ensure maximum flexibility for participants. To this end, the conference is organized as a “choose your own adventure” experience through which you can design your own schedule and move at your own pace. Our live sessions are grade-banded and will take place on the following days:

  • July 27: Birth - Age 5
  • July 28: K-5
  • July 29: 6-12​

Wh​​ere:​ Virtually via GaDOE Community

Supported by our robust technical team, we will run the 2021 Summer Literacy Conference through GaDOE Community, our digital platform to encourage professional collaboration. You may already be a member, and if so, it will be even easier for you to register for the conference! Here is a flyer and registration tutorial video to help you navigate the steps to registering for the conference. When you register, you will earn your first trophy and begin your quest!

School Leader Collaboration Opportunity

If you’re a school leader interested in incorporating conference sessions and materials into your pre-planning or other professional learning activities, please reach out, and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to accomplish your goals.​

Mini-Institutes: Media Specialists & Teachers of English Learners​

We are extremely excited to feature two embedded institutes within our K-5 and 6-12 grade-bands: Media Specialists & Teachers of English Learners. Each institute will include three sessions, one for each conference strand:

  • Engagement
  • Disciplinary Literacy
  • Reading

Special Features​

  • Leader Lightning Talks
  • Student Spotlights
  • Support Materials
  • Extension and Facilitation Guides
  • Badging Opportunities
  • Georgia Authors
  • National Practitioners
  • Variety of Session Formats


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We want to make this an incredible experience for all Georgia educators, and we can’t wait to see you there!


Conference Team

  • Lisa Albert, L4GA Grant Specialist
  • Dr. Meg Baker, ESOL & Title III Program Manager
  • Franeka Colley, Special Education & ELA Content Integration Specialist
  • Anisha Donald, ELA Elementary Program Specialist
  • Cassandra Gaul, Education Technology Analyst
  • Donita Hinckley, Library Media & Resource Specialist
  • Dr. Breanne Huston, ELA Program Manager
  • Asha Jassani​, ELA & ESOL Program Specialist
  • Sian Lott, L4GA Grant Specialist
  • Dr. Celeste Martin, Knowledge & Resource Management
  • Julie Morrill, L4GA Grant Manager
  • Holly Schmidt-Davis, L4GA Evaluation & Research Specialist
  • Dr. Meghan Welch, Literacy & Digital Media Integration Specialist
  • Sarah Welch, ELA Secondary Program Specialist​

 Contact Infromation

Breanne Huston, Ph.D. 
ELA/Literacy Program Manager
Phone: (470) 510-7488

Julie Morrill 
Program Manager, L4GA
Phone: 404-425-2975
Mobile:  706-473-3159