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 French Module - Health Science

Week 1: Healthcare Systems
Day 1: Healthcare System Quiz
Day 2: Compare and Contrast: Healthcare Systems in France and in the USA
Day 3: Close Reading: Healthcare Systems
Day 4: Health Organizations Research
Day 5: Career Profile Peer Reviews
Week 2: Healthy Lifestyles
Day 1: Identifying Positive and Negative Lifestyle Choices
Day 2: Lifestyle Journal
Day 3: Research: Healthcare Professions
Day 4: Creating an Infographic
Day 5: Infographic Presentations: Gallery Walk

Week 1

Day 1

HS 1.1 Lesson Plan Day 1

HS 1.1A LOTO de la santé

Day 2

HS 1.2 Lesson Plan Day 2

HS 1.2A Student Questionnaire

HS 1.2B Les systèmes de santé

Day 3

HS 1.3 Lesson Plan Day 3

HS 1.3A Lecture Packet

Day 4

HS 1.4 Lesson Play Day 4

HS 1.4A Research Handout

Day 5

HS 1.5 Lesson Plan Day 5


Week 2

Day 1

HS 2.1 Lesson Plan Day 1

HS 2.1A Etes-vous en bonne santé

HS 2.1B Élèves français en bonne santé

Day 2

HS 2.2 Lesson Plan Day 2

HS 2.2A Healthy Living Choices

HS 2.2B Sample Journal Entry Day 1

Day 3

HS 2.3 Lesson Plan Day 3

HS 2.3A Sample Infographic - Average Day in Nursing

Day 4

HS 2.4 Lesson Plan Day 4

Day 5

HS 2.5A Sample Note Taking Form