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 GaDOE Library Media Update - April 2017

Table of Contents

  • School Library Month
  • Spring 2017 GaDOE Newsletter
  • Superintendent Woods Names 2017 AP Honor Schools
  • 1,000+ Georgia Schools ‘Beat the Odds’ in 2016
  • Georgia Department of Education Announces 2016-2017 Title I Reward Districts and Schools
  • Georgia Race Through Time: A Game-based Learning Experience Aligned to GA Standards
  • On the Stump: What Does It Take to Get Elected in Georgia?
  • Creating a Journal Alert in GALILEO
  • GALILEO Announces DLG-NEWS Listserv
  • DLG Launches New Subgranting Program
  • PBS TeacherLine Online Professional Development Courses
  • Worth Sharing
  • Going Social
  • GaDOE Media Mailing List

School Library Month

School Library Month (SLM) is the American Association of School Librarians' (AASL) celebration of school librarians and their programs. Every April school librarians are encouraged to host activities to help their school and local community celebrate the essential role that strong school library programs play in a student's learning.

The 2017 theme is Because School Libraries Empower Students. The official hashtag for this year's celebration is #slm17. Add the hashtag to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture with the SLM17 Twibbon . Other social media graphics available here.

Spring 2017 GaDOE Newsletter

The Spring 2017 GaDOE newsletter is intended primarily for parents and other stakeholders who may not receive other communications from the Georgia Department of Education. We encourage schools, districts, and organizations to print out copies to share, or distribute to their email lists.

If you know someone who would enjoy these updates, have them sign up here. Please send your tips, ideas, and events for GaDOE Updates to us so we can share your information with others.

Superintendent Woods Names 2017 AP Honor Schools

State School Superintendent Richard Woods named 674 Advanced Placement (AP) Honor Schools on February 27, 2017.

“The number of our schools and students succeeding in the college-level learning offered by Advanced Placement continues to increase,” Superintendent Woods said. “It is my pleasure to recognize these schools – and, by extension, their students, teachers, and staff – for the excellent work being done to expand opportunity to all students.”

1,000+ Georgia Schools ‘Beat the Odds’ in 2016

More than 1,000 Georgia schools beat the odds in 2016, performing better than statistically expected on the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI).

The CCRPI is Georgia’s statewide accountability system. It measures schools and school districts on a 100-point scale based on multiple indicators of performance.

The Beating the Odds analysis predicts a range within which a school’s CCRPI score is statistically expected to fall – given the school’s size, grade cluster, student mobility, and student demographics (including race/ethnicity, disability, English learners, and poverty). If an individual school’s actual CCRPI is above the predicted range, then that school beat the odds.

“We view these schools as major success stories,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “In fact, it’s difficult to fully express the magnitude of what they’ve achieved. Statistically, a high rate of poverty presents multiple barriers to achievement, but these schools are beating the odds and doing excellent work on behalf of Georgia students.”

Georgia Department of Education Announces 2016-2017 Title I Reward Districts and Schools

The Georgia Department of Education released its 2016-2017 list of Title I Reward Districts and Reward Schools.

“These schools and districts are working against the odds to provide an excellent education for their students,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “This is so much more than numbers or data. We are talking about changed lives for thousands of students. I can’t overstate how proud I am of every teacher, administrator, and parent who worked to make that happen.”

Georgia Race Through Time: A Game-based Learning Experience Aligned to GA Standards

Savannah and Peaches need your help! They have been invited to participate in a race to find historical artifacts across the great state of Georgia. 

Aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for 8th grade social studies, the game leverages primary source documents and rich historical content for an engaging, story-based, educational experience. The game was designed to work across web and mobile platforms and is available online and on mobile devices.

On the Stump: What Does It Take to Get Elected in Georgia?

Last month the New Georgia Encyclopedia published "On the Stump:  What Does It Take to Get Elected in Georgia," an exhibition written by Jan Hebbard, Kaylynn Washnock, and Ashton Ellett. This digital slideshow features newly digitized photos and original research on the history of elections in modern Georgia, from the turn of the century to the 2012 presidential election. It follows candidates as they decide to run, craft a strategy, win nominations, shake hands, kiss babies, and await the election results.

Creating a Journal Alert in GALILEO

Journal alerts help you stay on top of your game by notifying you when the newest issue of a specific journal or magazine has been added to a GALILEO database. You can create one for yourself or someone else. For example, you can create an alert for Educational Leadership for your school principal or an alert for School Library Journal for yourself. Here are the steps:

1. Alerts are created from the Publication Details page (EBSCO) or Publication Information page (ProQuest) in an individual database. You can reach this page by finding the journal title in the Journals A-Z or Magazines A-Z link on the GALILEO home page. After searching for the title, you will be required to select a database from the pop-up window.
2. EBSCO: On the Publication Details page, click the Share button, then select Email Alert. If you are not already logged into your EBSCO account, you will need to log in before creating the alert.  More info.
3. ProQuest: On the Publication Information page, click Set Up an Alert. You will only need to log in to your My Research account to modify or delete an alert.

GALILEO Announces DLG-NEWS Listserv

Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) launched a new listserv, DLG-NEWS. This listserv is one of a number of new initiatives DLG is undertaking to better communicate with partners and improve services. Through the listserv, there will be communication of DLG news and updates from DPLA. The listserv will let you know about changes in the field, available grant opportunities, and training events. The listserv will also be a place where you can communicate easily with DLG and one another.

DLG Launches New Subgranting Program

To broaden partner participation in the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG), DLG is soliciting proposals for historic digitization projects costing up to $5000. Project metadata will be included in the DLG portal and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). DLG is seeking applications for metadata creation or digitization projects from the permanent holders of the original archival content. Projects may include the reformatting of textual materials (not including newspapers), graphic materials, or audio-visual materials. For textual and graphic materials, digitization and descriptive services will be performed by DLG staff. In the case of audio-visual collections, digitization will be outsourced to a vendor. Partners are responsible for transporting materials to and from the DLG or for costs associated with shipping to and from vendors. 

Nominated materials must have clear rights statements and documentation. Any metadata created will be shared under a Creative Commons License Public Domain License (CCO) through the DLG's portal and the DPLA.

To apply, submit the following to by May 15, 2017:

PBS TeacherLine Online Professional Development Courses

The following courses begin April 19 and June 14, 2017:
  • INST342 Teaching with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
  • INST315 Teaching for Multiple Intelligences
  • RDLA152 An Introduction to Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy Instruction
  • RDLA192 Improving Reading Comprehension
  • TECH335 Digital Tools for Innovative Learning
  • TECH575 Leveraging Smart and Social Digital Media in the Classroom
  • More Information
‘Mini’ self-paced courses (only $49 each):

Worth Sharing

Going Social

GaDOE Media Mailing List

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