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 World Languages and Global / Workforce Initiatives


For our students to succeed in a global economy, they will need to possess a new set of skills that were not required for the success of prior generations of Americans.  Regional expertise, cross-cultural competence, and advanced language proficiency are no longer skills reserved only for those who plan for a career overseas - they are skills that will enhance any career field, encourage international investment to our state, and develop a workforce that is successful in working on diverse international teams to collaborate and solve global problems.  Developing international perspective and advanced language proficiency, particularly as this relates to college and career readiness, will ensure our nation's security and will support our statewide and regional economic development goals.  Business leaders across Georgia and the Southeast have made it clear that these skills are the fastest route to success in a global job market and that they provide a competitive advantage that moves an applicant's resume to the top of the pile.

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​Visit our pages below for more information on these programs!

Georgia's Seal of Biliteracy​​​

Professional Development Page​

International Skills Diploma Seal​

 Georgia's Dual Language Immersion Initiative

Georgia Skills Initiative

Georgia Global Workforce & International Education Resources​

Newly Released DLI Spanish Science Resources

​​​K-5 Spanish Dual Language Immersion Resources

Access Files via this link.​

Newly Released DLI French Science Resources

​​​K-5 French Dual Language Immersion Resources

Access Files via this link.​

​Newly Released German Units & Lesson Plans

​​​German Level 1

German Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans

German Level 2

German Level 2 Unit​​ and Lesson Plans

​Newly Released Spanish Units & Lesson Plans

​​​Spanish 8th Grade

Spanish 8th Grade Unit and Lesson Plans

​​​Spanish Level 1

Spanish Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans

Spanish Level 2

Spanish Level 2 Unit and Lesson Plans​

Spanish Level 3

Spanish Level 3 Unit and Lesson Plans​

Spanish Level 4

Spanish Level 4 Unit and Lesson Plans​

AP Spanish

AP Spanish Unit and Lesson Plans​

Newly Released French Units & Lesson Plans

French 7th Grade

French 7th Grade Unit and Lesson Plans​

French 8th Grade

French 8th Grade Unit and Lesson Plans

French Connections

French Connections Unit and Lesson Plans​

​​​French Level 1

French Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans​​

French Level 2

French Level 2 Unit and Lesson Plans​

French Level 3

French Level 3 Unit and Lesson Plans

French Level 4

French Level 4 Unit and Lesson Plans

AP French

AP French Unit and Lesson Plans​

​​​Newly Released ASL Units & Lesson Plans

​​​ASL Level 1

ASL Level 1 Unit and Lesson Plans

ASL Level 2​

ASL Level 2 Unit and Lesson Plans​

GaDOE support Document for World Language Learning at Home.pdf

Georgia Virtual World Language Resources

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Georgia Performance Standards

Georgia Performance Standards Modern Languages and Latin


Grades K-5: 

 Grades 6-12:

ACTFL Resources 

Teaching CTAE in the World Language Classroom

New: Sample Units for French / German / Spanish:

Sample Classroom Walkthrough for Administrators (ES, MS and HS)


Consulates and Embassies

Partners - Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)

  • Nancy-Metz, France
  • Saxony, Germany
  • Bavaria, Germany
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
  • Seoul National University of Education

  • The National Institute for International Education,The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea

College Readiness and Performance Index

GA World Languages Data, Policies, and Initiatives

World Language Pathway:

Proficiency in a World Language adds a competitive advantage in all career fields. Employees who possess the ability to communicate effectively with global partners are considered vital to all business currently doing business abroad or who wish to expand internationally. It should be noted that world language proficiency at the advanced level can increase an employees salary by 20% or more. 

Program Models:


 Contact Information

Program Specialist for World Languages & Global Work Initiatives