The Atlanta Braille Volunteers (ABV) are a group of dedicated professionals who support the education of blind students. The ABVs have been organized for over 30 years and have transcribed numerous braille books for many students in different states. They have been proud supporters of Georgia’s own Braille Challenge and have offered their services to supplement the efforts to supply braille books for the GIMC.

The ABVs are extending their services to assist classroom teachers who need support transcribing classroom materials. They are looking to do small works such as readers, classroom worksheets, and other materials that otherwise cannot be purchased or produced for classroom use.


Note: Tactile graphics cannot be produced at this time.


Requests will be evaluated and produced based on

  1. complexity of the work,
  2. availability of the volunteers, and
  3. date the material is needed


The process to request a document transcribed is described in the following graphic. Specific explanations are listed below.




Online request: The request is submitted to the GIMC who will coordinate the request with the ABVs

Confirmation email: An email will be sent to the requestor with directions to submit the original file.

Submit file: Send in the original file to the GIMC who will forward the information to the ABVS. The file must be a word doc *, rtf, or pdf .


  • Transcription completed
  • File delivered - The completed file will be delivered by Email or cloud-based delivery system. Files will be in the format of Braille 2000 or Duxbury upon request. In certain cases arrangements can be made with the GIMC to have the file embossed.

Unable to process: Email notification sent - An Email will be sent with the reason the document cannot be completed



If you would If you would like to be a part of this great group email the group by following this membership Email link.


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