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 Special Education Directors' Webinars

GaDOE staff will host the K-12 Special Education Directors' Webinar on the 2nd Tuesday of each month-except November and March. The webinars will support implementation of IDEA and improve results for students with disabilities.  Recorded webinars and a pdf of the presentation are posted here soon after the live meetings occur. 

FY2020-2021 Directors' Webinars

Date Topics Recording Link PowerPoint Presentation
08/2020Lunch & Learn w/ Z Smith-Dixon Link Link
  • Content Integration
  • Timelines
  • Child Find & Early Childhood Transition Timeline Summary
  • YouScience
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Assistive Technology Partnership
 Link    Link *
  • Assessment Update
    • GAA 2.0
    • GKIDS for all Kindergarten students
    • Using LCI Data in the Assessment Placement Process 
    • WIDA Screener Accommodations
  • Dispute Resolution Summary of Findings from FY20 -Part 1 -30
  • Disproportionality
  • District Determinations
Link     Link **
  • Dispute Resolution Summary of Findings from FY20 -Part 2
  • Serving students Incarcerated in Local Jails and Prisons as well as Child Find obligations
Link Link
  • High Cost Grants
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Priority Categories Closure
  • State Defined Alternate Diploma
Link Link
  • Orientation and Mobility Guidance
  • State-Defined Alternate Diploma
Link Link
  • Maintenance of Effort -Budget and Grants
Link Link
  • Accessible Educational Materials
  • Special Education Teacher Induction Program for FY22
  • Restart Guidance – Change of Placement vs Change of Location
Link Link
  • End of year Reminders – Fiscal Updates
  • Guidelines for Successful Monitoring Results
 Link Link

** Additional Handout for the 10/13/20 Webinar:

* Additional Handouts for the 9/8/20 Webinar:

Date & Time

Topics Recording Link

PowerPoint Presentation

6/08/2021 1:00
  • Prior Written Notice
  • Support Personnel Fireside Chat


 Contact Information

Zelphine Smith-Dixon, Ed.D.
​State Director,
Special Education Services and Supports