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 Georgia Online IEP (GO-IEP) Videos and Webinars


A variety of online tutorials have been created for your convenience.  The first column has the video tutorials that have been created.  The second column has the video tutorials that have captioning along with the video. Click on the title to view each tutorial.  Videos are periodically added, please check back often.

Video with Captions
Documenting Services in GO-IEP 2.0​Documenting Services in GO-IEP 2.0



The GO-IEP team presents webinars to provide updates and answer questions submitted by districts using GO-IEP.  Click on the topic of the webinar to view the information presented at that time.​



PDF of Additional Info

​June 2020

​Getting Started with GO-IEP (with captions)

Navigating the Student File in GO-IEP (with captions)

Completing the Math Rubric in GO-IEP

Completing the Accommodations in GO-IEP

Auditing & Finalizing the IEP in GO-IEP

​Processing Deficits to SDI chart

​Aug 2018

GO-IEP 2.0 Video Demonstration

Jan 2018

Timeline Override (Part 2)

Timeline Override Pt 2 Notes

Dec 2017

Timeline Override (Part 1)

Timeline Override Pt 1 Notes

May 2017

IEP Reports-State Testing Accommodations, ESY, Goals


March 2017

Student   Records for GO IEP Districts (Part 1)

Student   Records for GO-IEP Districts (Part 2)

Student Records

Feb 2017

IEP Reports-Meetings

IEP Reports-Meetings (with captions)


Jan 2017

IEP Report-Students by Caseload

IEP Report-Students by Caseload (with captions)


Dec 2016

Documents and Log

Document and Log (with captions)


Sept 2016

IEP Report- Report to assist with FTE

IEP Report- Report to assist with FTE  

Sept 2016

Student Records Extract

Extract for Student Records

Aug 2016

Student Records Suggestions, Regenerating PDFs, ELL Status, Separating Meeting Notices, Present Level Audit


May 2016

Calendar, Progress Reports, Profile, Manage Tickets


March 2016

Calendar, Progress Reports, FTE Minutes Report, End of year Recommendations


Jan 2016

Speech (Eligibility and Dismissal procedures), Minutes per week report


Dec 2015

Pre-K or Private/Home school referrals, ELL status


May 2015

Common support tickets, End of year suggestions, Common PR issues, SR Extract



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