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 IDEAS 2015 Conference Handouts

Georgia Department of Education’s Division for Special Education Services and Supports proudly offered the IDEAS conference in partnership with Georgia Tools for Life and Georgia CEC June 2-5, 2015. The IDEAS Conference offered a wide range of session topics and presentations that addressed technical and functional perspectives for all educators who teach students with disabilities.
IDEAS Course Credit
PLU and Contact hours can be downloaded from the Division for Special Education Services and Supports Conference Report website

IDEAS Handouts 

Printing PowerPoint from PDF

If you want to print a presentation to bring to the conference, you can choose to print more than 1 slide per page.   In order to do this: 1) go to the File menu, click on Print; 2) under Page Sizing & Handling, select Multiple; 3) beside Pages per sheet, choose how many pages (slides) per sheet from the drop-down menu you want to print; 4) next, choose Horizontal or Vertical from the dropdown menu beside Page order to determine whether the slides will go across or down the page; 5) under Orientation, select whether you want your paper to print in Portrait or Landscape mode; 6) click on Print.

Opening Keynote Presentation 

​5 Free Tools for Struggling Learners 

A Day in the Life 

A Universal Approach to Enhance Learning through Communication and Social Engagement

Access and Explore! Using Environmental Control in the Classroom  

Adding Power to Instruction with the Arts

All Children Communicate: Using the Communication Matrix

ASPIRE (Active Student Participation Inspires Real Engagement)

  • ASPIRE Presentation - Administrators PPTX | PDF
  • ASPIRE Presentation - Teachers PPTX | PDF
  • Implementation Activities WORD | PDF
  • District and School Readiness WORD | PDF
  • Flowchart Suggested for Teachers WORD | PDF
  • Scale-up Model Suggestions WORD | PDF
  • Future Protocol Guide WORD | PDF

AT Team Building: Creating or Rebuilding a Team Approach

Authentic Differentiation for Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities

AUT-oh! Behavior Strategies for Students on the Spectrum

Building Literacy Foundations for Students with Multiple Disabilities 

Can't Touch This! - Sensory Issue and High Functioning Autism

Close Reading, Learning Profiles and the Co-Taught ELA Setting

Communication Portfolios - A Voice for Children with Complex Communication Needs

Data-Driven Instruction: How to Assess Students’ Sign Language Skills

Developing Middle School Units for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Dynamic Data Notebooks

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment® Overview

Embedding Enhanced Milieu Teaching Strategies into Educational Settings

Embracing Everyday Teachable Moments to Enhance Language & Vocabulary Acquisition

Encounters with Eric Carle Using CCGPS

Engaging Economically Disadvantaged Students with Learning Problems

"Extension" Your Learning and "Apps" plore with GAFE!

Focused Advisement and PBIS: One Middle School's Journey

Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Planning: A Comprehensive System

Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership - Get to Know Us

GLASS Services for Your Classroom

Hello My Name Is

I Will Love You Your Whole Life

Implementing Grade Level Content for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Improving Graduation Rates from the Ground Up

Integrated Units for Older Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

It Works! Behavior Intervention Programs that Have Been Tried and Tested

Lilli Nielsen’s Active Learning

Make it Routine: Connecting Communication, Schedules and Literacy

Making Transition Relevant and Meaningful for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Math Strategies for K-2

Math Strategies for 3-5

MindMapping for Beginners and Struggling Learners

My Core Is Strong. Now What?

Navigating the Rapids of Narrative and Informational Text Structures

Number Line to 10,000,000

OH YEA Position for Transition

Planning Differentiated Instruction

POWER Program - Providing Opportunities in Workforce Employment Readiness

Preparing Students with Communication Disabilities for Life After School

Processing Deficits and Specialized Instruction

Promoting Early Concept Development through Adapted Books

Relax, Relate, Release! Managing Work-Related Stress

Serving EBD Students: Some Basic GNETS Principals 

Slam Dunk SLOs!

Specially-Designed Instruction in Co-Taught Classrooms

STOIC Classroom Management 

Strategies to Engage and Include All Learners

Student Learning Objectives: GAA/Alternate SLO Exemplars

Take the Plunge...Become an Avant-Garde Educator

Teaching Communication and Literacy: Core Vocabulary AAC

Teaching Transition Skills to Students

The ABCs of an FBA

The Possible Selves Strategy

The Power of a Positive Classroom Environment

The Self-Advocacy Strategy

Transition in the Trenches

Tips and Tricks for 21st Century Teachers 

UDL: Making a Good Idea Reality

Using Technology as More than a Glorified Projector

Vocabulary: Marzano, Flocabulary, and Quizlet

Websites that Every Teacher Needs

What Do They Really Know? Using the IKAN and the GLoSS

Whose Responsibility is Family Engagement

Why Bullying of Students with Disabilities Matters

Work and Play with Preschoolers with Low Functioning Autism

Writing Transition Plans is Like Eating Chocolate Cake

Yes You Can! Reading Remediation for Middle/High SWD Students ​​​​​​​​