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 Learning Targets Training Videos


Learning Targets Training Videos is a two (2) part series presented by Cynde Snider, Georgia DOE Professional Learning Specialist.

Each part in the Learning Targets Training is less than 15 minutes but succinctly covers the topic for immediate and practical use in your daily challenges in the school, meetings, and even your life goals.

One handout is provided that can be downloaded to use as you view Part Two of the training.

Part One – Appropriate Construction of Learning Targets (Time: 10:48)

Appropriate Construction of LT Video

  • Why Learning Targets?
  • Visible Learning & Prediction
  • Adult Learners and Adolescent Learners
  • Construction of Learning Targets
  • Including the Learning Intention and Success Criteria
  • Appropriate Learning Targets Concrete Results

Part Two – Successful Use of Learning Targets (Time: 12:36)

Successful Use of LT Video | Handout 

  • Assessing Professional Learning
  • Effective Use of Learning Targets
  • Assessing the Effectiveness

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