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 SEE-KS Video Modules - Early Childhood

SEE-KS Modules 1–6 provide an overview of the Social Emotional Engagement – Knowledge and Skills (SEE-KS) professional learning approach.  This approach is designed to bring a positive school climate into the classroom and lesson planning.  The focus is on increasing student engagement by fostering initiation, independence, and investment within instruction.  Social emotional learning competencies are embedded within educational programming using current neuroscience to guide how to address these competencies in a development framework and within a Universal Design for Learning framework (UDL).  These 6 modules focus on the implementation of this approach within an early childhood setting.  These framework and tools, however, are applicable from early childhood through 12th grade.

A portion of these materials were developed as part of State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) activities. Funds from a SPDG grant were awarded to the Georgia Department of Education from the US Department of Education, #H323A120020x.

However, these contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the United States Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.  For additional information on this project, please visit:

Module 1

Module 1 Video - Introduction to Social Emotional Engagement - Knowledge and Skills - The Neurological Foundation

This module introduces Social Emotional Engagement - Knowledge and Skills (SEE-KS), a project that was funded by a State Personnel Development Grant and the Georgia Department of Education. We discuss the neurological foundations of social emotional learning and explore the importance of creating a positive learning environment where social-emotional engagement fuels learning. Social emotional engagement is viewed in the context of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Module 1 requires participants to have access to:

Module 2

Module 2 Video - Building District Capacity toward a Sustainable Approach

In this module, we focus on how to build capacity in our school systems to address social/emotional learning for all learners. We discuss ways to replicate and sustain learned practices in schools across districts and the state. The 4 pillars of the Get Georgia Reading Campaign are reviewed with a focus on social emotional engagement.

Module 2 requires participants to have access to:

Module 3

Module 3 Video - Accommodating ALL Students (Before Words, Emerging Language & Conversational Language Levels)

In this module, we look specifically at ways to accommodate children at different developmental stages.  Students at the Conversational level are generally integrated into Georgia classrooms.  Children with emerging language skills (such as English language learners), and children with developmental and/or language delays (children who are “before words”) can also be successfully integrated into preschool programs with typical peers. We explore ways to apply SEE-KS techniques and tools at each developmental stage to foster social emotional engagement.

Module 3 requires participants to have access to:

Module 4

Module 4 Video - Measuring Progress in Fidelity and Sustainability in Early Childhood Settings

In this module, we discuss how to use the Social Engagement Ladder to measure a student’s level of engagement in terms of independence, initiation and investment in classroom activities. We demonstrate how the Social Engagement Ladder can be used to identify opportunities to infuse instructional strategies that increase student engagement.

Module 4 requires participants to have access to:

Module 5

Module 5 Video - Effective Teacher-to-Teacher Mentorship Using Appreciative Inquiry

In this module we explore key benefits of using principles of Appreciative Inquiry in coaching sessions. We explore essential tools used to facilitate coaching sessions and provide opportunities for independent use of tools to foster sustainability.

Module 5 requires participants to have access to:

Module 6

Module 6 Video - Celebrating Successful Implementation in the Classroom

In this module, we review the alignment of SEE-KS with the Four Pillars of the Get GA Reading Campaign.  Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies that promote student engagement are demonstrated.  End-of-Year SEE-KS data is shared, and the successful implementation of SEE-KS by all participating districts is celebrated.

Module 6 requires participants to have access to:

SEE-KS Entire Manual and Forms