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GaDOE and GPB Partnership Wins National Award

MEDIA CONTACT: Matt Cardoza, (404) 651-7358,  - Follow us on  Twitter  and  Facebook    April 15, 2010 -- The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), in partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), received a My Source Education Innovation Award recently from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in Washington, D.C. The award recognizes the use of pioneering methods and emerging digital technologies to serve the educational needs of communities. The $3,000 grant award was presented to State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox and GPB President Teya Ryan at the Council of Chief State School Officers/Public Media Executive Summit.   The GaDOE and GPB received the award for incorporating digital media to illustrate learning objectives for Project ExPreSS (Exam Preparation for Science and Social Studies). The ExPreSS program was offered last summer throughout the state to any high school students that were interested in receiving remediation for the science and social studies sections of the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT). Students in the program had an overall retest pass rate of 68 percent; more than double the previous year’s pass rate on GHSGT retests in science and social studies.   “The partnership we have with GPB truly helped make Project ExPreSS a tremendous success,” said Superintendent Cox. “The digital resources they provided us helped bring the performance standards to life for all of the students and teachers involved in the program.”   “Project ExPreSS is a great example of how GPB is using its resources to help improve student achievement in Georgia,” said Ryan. “We’re proud to partner with the GaDOE and look forward to finding more ways to enrich the classroom learning environment through the development of high-quality digital resources.”   The success with the summer ExPreSS program showed that there was a greater need to offer it again and make an online version available to reach even more students.   FreeOnline ExPreSS creates an online opportunity designed to help students prepare for the science and social studies GHSGT. Science and social studies are the two sections of the GHSGT that Georgia students fail most often. The program offers self-paced units based on the instructional plans created for the summer Project ExPreSS.   MORE INFORMATION:   Georgia Public Broadcasting    FreeOnline ExPreSS