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H1N1/Pandemic Flu Information (Updated 5/24/10)

  Media Contact:   -  Matt Cardoza, , (404) 651-7358, Follow us on  Twitter @GaDOEnews  and  Facebook    General Public Contact:   -  Ask DOE Help Desk, , (404) 656-2800   School and School System Contact:  -  Garry McGiboney, , (404) 656-0619   The Georgia Department of Education is supporting the efforts of federal, state and local health officials by providing information about the recent Swine Flu outbreak. We will update this webpage with the latest information about Swine Flu, as well as links to helpful resources. It is crucial that local school districts stay in touch with their Local Boards of Health about this and all health-related matters.   While the GaDOE is available for support and communications, we must follow the lead of our health experts and do whatever we can to keep our students and staff safe and healthy.   H1N1 HOTLINE: 1-888-H1N1-INFO  The hotline is operational from 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week.    GENERAL FLU RESOURCES  -  CDC Flu Website  ( en Espanol ) -  Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) Flu Website    -  Ready Georgia Pandemic Planning Website   -  CDC Flu Self-Evaluation  -  CDC Vaccination Website  (added 11/19/09) -  CDC Voluntary Recall of Certain Lots of H1N1 Vaccine  (added 12/16/09) -  Georgia Department of Community Health Press Release  (added 3/29/2010)   SCHOOL RESOURCES  -  Summer Camp Influenza Guidance  (added 5/24/10) -  H1N1 Vaccination 2nd Dose Poster  (added 3/29/10) -  Free Resources Now Available - (added 1/19/10) -  School-Related Vaccination Information  -  Letter to Superintendents and Health Directors from State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox and Department of Community Health Commissioner Rhonda Medows   -  Audio Recording of Sept. 16, 2009 H1N1/Flu Conference Call  -  UPDATED CDC Guidance for Schools and Childcare Facilities  -  UPDATED H1N1/Flu Recommendations to Schools from the Department of Community Health  -  Pandemic Information and Planning Guidance for Georgia Schools   -  Department of Community Health School Exclusion Policy  -  U.S. Department of Education Recommendations for Learning During Extended Absence  ( w/ additional Q&A ) -  U.S. Department of Education/CDC School Dismissal Monitoring Protocol   -  Aug. 10 letter from Secretary Duncan (U.S. Education) and Secretary Vilsack (U.S. Agriculture) regarding school nutrition   -  CDC Guidance for State and Local Public Health Officials and School Administrators  -  State Law Regarding School Days Lost Due to Disaster or Emergencies   -  Local County Board of Health Contacts      MORE H1N1/PANDEMIC RESOURCES AND LINKS   -  CDC Guidance for State and Local Public Health Officials and School Administrators   -  Technical Report for State and Local Public Health Officials and School Administrators    -  School Toolkit    -  CDC Guidance on Helping Child Care and Early Childhood Programs Respond to Influenza  (added 9/10/09)   -  Communication Toolkit for Child Care and Early Childhood Programs  (added 9/10/09)    GEORGIA PARENT AND COMMUNITY RESOURCES  -  School District Contacts   -  Talking to Children about Swine Flu/H1N1  (Updated 5/6/09) -  Ready Georgia Pandemic Planning Website  -  Georgia Division of Public Health      -  Local County Board of Health Contacts  -  CDC's Clean Hands Save Lives webpage  -  CDC's Guidance for Parents and Caregivers      NATIONAL AND GLOBAL INFORMATION:   -  The World Health Organization Disease Outbreak News     -  Federal Pandemic Flu website  ( Espanol )