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State Board Approves Stimulus Funding

Media contact: - Dana Tofig, (404) 463-1487, , follow us on  Twitter @GaDOEmedia       April 28, 2009 --  The State Board of Education unanimously approved the allocation of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) -- or "stimulus" -- funds to local school districts Tuesday morning.    The board approved the allocation of funds that go to the education of Students with Disabilities (IDEA) and economically-disadvantaged students (Title I). Once districts have submitted budgets, they can begin spending the first half of these funds, with the remaining funds scheduled to be available in the fall.     Under ARRA, Georgia school districts will get a total of about $351 million in additional Title I funds and $314 million in additional IDEA funds.     In addition to the Title I and IDEA funds, ARRA is expected to provide Georgia schools with other funding. Estimated funding includes:     - More than $22 million in Education Technology State Grants     - More than $10 million in IDEA grants for pre-school students.     - About $900 million in "fiscal stabilization" funds that the Governor can use for K-12 education         MORE INFORMATION: -    April 28, 2009 Special Called Meeting Agenda     - District level allocations (pending State Board approval)         IDEA funds     Title 1 funds    - Information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act      Federal Recovery Website     U.S. Department of Education Recovery Website