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Superintendent's Statement on Clayton Co. Accreditation

MEDIA CONTACT:  - GaDOE Communications office, (404) 463-1487,      State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox made the following statement regarding the possible loss of accreditation by the Clayton County School System:   February 22, 2008 -- "I'm very disappointed that the Clayton County Board of Education has again put its accreditation at risk and I am very concerned about the students who are unfairly caught in the middle. I would urge Clayton's board members to put aside their differences and their personal agendas and focus on the students. That is why they were elected."   "I fully endorse  the initiatives announced by Governor Perdue today  and pledge the full cooperation and support of the Georgia Department of Education. The department is also researching ways we can help the students who, due to no fault of their own, are facing an uncertain future. I will also be meeting with the Clayton County legislative delegation soon to discuss their concerns and share ideas."   Still, as State Superintendent of Schools, I have limited legal authority over issues of accreditation and local governance. That power lies with the citizens and voters of Clayton County and I would encourage them to use that power. I know they will be closely watching the actions of their school board and holding them accountable for the results."   "I will continue to monitor the Clayton County situation closely and I will do everything I can to make sure that the actions of a handful of adults don't put the future of more than 50,000 students at risk."