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Superintendent Woods' letter to GA senators on teacher tax credit

Senators Isakson and Perdue:

As a veteran educator and former classroom teacher, I often spent my own money to purchase and provide classroom resources for my students. This is not atypical in our schools and classrooms across the state of Georgia. 

Educators go into the profession because they feel a calling to support students. Regrettably, to fulfill that calling teachers have to use money from their own pockets to buy resources and materials.

I was very disappointed with the House's proposal to remove the teacher tax credit, but was encouraged by the Senate's approach, which would expand the credit. I am encouraged to hear this language survives in the compromise bill. I’m writing to urge you both to support this language in the Senate’s measure and, if possible, to expand the tax credit further in the future.

No doubt, Georgia's educators do not go into the profession for the money. They feel a responsibility to meet the needs of their students, and they do with tireless passion and dedication. But we have a responsibility and obligation in return. I strongly support the teacher tax credit and its expansion.

I deeply appreciate our partnership and the work you both do to represent Georgia.


Richard Woods

State School Superintendent, Georgia