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FAQ: Governor's Classroom Grants

Communication went out to Georgia public-school classroom teachers and paraprofessionals the week of March 28-April 1 regarding the Governor's Classroom Grants. Made possible through Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER) funding allocated by Governor Brian Kemp, the $125 grants are being provided for the purchase of classroom supplies.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Classroom Grants are below.

I did not receive the email with instructions from ClassWallet, or I accidentally deleted the email. 

We are working with school districts to receive updated contact information for teachers who did not receive the original email from instructions from ClassWallet. While the original deadline to spend funds was May 31, anyone who receives the welcome email after May 1 will have 60 days from receipt of the email to spend their funds.


I did receive the ClassWallet email with instructions, but am having issues accessing ClassWallet. 

To resolve access issues, please email or use the chat feature on the ClassWallet login screen to resolve access issues. Please note that you should only use this option if you did receive the ClassWallet email with instructions.  


Which positions qualified for this grant?  

All classroom teachers, regardless of funding source, and the following job codes for Paraprofessionals are considered qualifying positions.  

435      Paraprofessional/Teacher Aide  

436      Special Education Paraprofessional  

439      GNETS Paraprofessional  


If you were not eligible for this particular funding stream, please know that as a top priority of Governor Kemp’s administration and GaDOE we will continue to seek additional opportunities support our educators and educational staff where able. 

Do Pre-K teachers qualify for the grant? 

Yes, Pre-K teachers qualify for the grant. However, GaDOE is only managing the grants for K-12. Pre-K teachers will receive grant information from the Department of Early Care & Learning (DECAL).

I received the email with instructions to my personal email AND school email. How should I resolve this? 

No resolution is necessary. Teachers received the email based on the email address(es) they provided in their MyPSC account. If a teacher listed both email addresses in their MyPSC account and received two emails, they are still the recipient of only one grant.   


Are teachers eligible to take the classroom supplies they purchase to a new school system if they are not staying with their current employer after this year?  

Yes. The grant is being made to the individual teacher, so in this scenario the teacher could choose to take the supplies with them.