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Application Process

To apply to the Georgia Department of Education an applicant should review the advertised job postings and apply for the position(s) that best fit their employment history and qualifications.

Position announcements are subject to close at any time, once a suitable list of applicants has been compiled.  Please be sure to read the minimum qualifications posted for each position. Some of the education-specific positions require Georgia professional educator’s certification. Official documentation of certification is required with the application/resume. An application or resume received will not be considered for a position without certification documentation if required. Georgia professional educator certification inquiries can be directed to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission by calling 404-232-2500 or visiting the web site at

Applicants who obtain degrees(s) from a foreign college or university must submit with their application an international Education Evaluation Letter showing the degree obtained is equivalent to degree(s) obtained at a college or university inside the USA.  Contact the Internal Educational Services ( or the Association of International Credentials Evaluators (www.aice-​ for additional assistance and information.​​

Announcement - SCSC 2019-02 All Job Openings
Job Title:President & CEO, State Charter Schools Foundation
Post Date:August 1, 2019
Apply by:August 31, 2019
Job ID:
Location:Atlanta, GA
Program/Unit:State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia
Description of Duties:
The State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to support high quality sustainable state charter schools serving children throughout Georgia by leveraging resources to help schools launch, build capacity, and grow.

The President and CEO is the senior leadership position of the State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia (SCSF), and reports directly to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The primary focus of the Foundation is to develop and leverage resources (both financial and strategic relationships/partnerships) across Georgia to support state charter schools and tackle the most persistent challenges. The Foundation works in direct collaboration with the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia (SCSC), which is responsible for the authorization and oversight of state charter schools. The President and CEO is responsible for implementing the three-year strategic plan inclusive of programming, fundraising and administration. Key duties include, but are not limited to: fundraising; donor cultivation and stewardship; building relationships with state charter school leaders, education partners and other stakeholders; administering and evaluating the effectiveness of programs and grants; and managing the business and administrative functions.

1) Identity & Value: Responsible for leading SCSF so that it adds value to state charter schools and the broader educational landscape in Georgia.
• Create and communicate a clear and compelling message about SCSF and state charter schools.
• Increase organizational collaboration with key partners.
• Direct SCSF’s marketing, communications and public relations including social media, newsletters and speaking engagements.

2) Fundraising: Responsible for raising necessary private and public dollars to fulfill the mission and support state charter schools in Georgia.
• Implement the 2019 fundraising plan to achieve the fundraising goal inclusive of grant funding, programmatic funding and administrative support through diverse donors including individuals, foundations and corporations.
• Increase private and public funding sources to SCSF to better support schools and mission.
• Advance the foundation toward financial autonomy without compromising the mission of SCSF.

3) Program: Responsible for leading a results-oriented and successful organization, providing school grants and delivering technical assistance to launch, build capacity, and grow state charter schools.
• Implement a grant-making program and plan (including design goals, eligibility, application process, award criteria, timeline, grant agreement and reporting).
• Implement technical assistance programs (fundraising support and facility solutions).
• Develop outcomes and metrics to measure and demonstrate success.

4) Internal Operations: Responsible for leading an effective and efficient organization in collaboration with the Board of Directors, including managing a competent and lean staff, and upholding appropriate policies and procedures in place across finance and operations.
• Prepare Board and Board Committee meeting documents including financials and necessary reports in a timely manner.
• Work closely with the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer on a regular basis.
• Work closely with the Executive Director of the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia and the staff on a regular basis to effectively support state charter schools.
• Oversee internal processes to continuously improve organizational effectiveness and efficiencies.
• Expand staff capacity through strategic hiring to support state charter schools.
• Oversee and manage financial systems and business functions of the Foundation.

• Plans and operationalizes annual budget to reflect rigorous but attainable fundraising goals that are aligned with the number and dollar amounts of proposed SCSF grants to and programs for state charter schools;
• Establishes and improves the administrative policies and procedures for all functions and day to day operations of SCSF;
• Serves as primary point of contact for donors, the media, and the general public on matters related to the SCSF.
• Establishes and maintains public, private and civic relationships throughout the state and utilizes those relationships to strategically support the SCSF mission;
• Works closely with SCSF Board regarding its role in establishing and maintaining relationships to support the SCSF mission as it relates to fundraising and overall recognition of the foundation throughout the State;
• Collaborates with SCSC to ensure alignment of SCSF initiatives with SCSC priorities and to create operational and financial efficiencies whenever possible;
• Oversees the implementation and evaluation of the three-year strategic plan;
• Establishes and maintains marketing and communication efforts to Board, donors, and general public
• Other duties as identified by the SCSF Board Chair.
Minimum Qualifications:The following standards express the minimum background of education and experience as evidence of an applicant’s ability to qualify for this specific job description. Any combination of education and experience, if evaluated equally, may qualify and applicant for this position.
• Three to five years of experience in nonprofit and/or education leadership. Master’s degree in a related field preferred.
• Excellent written communication, analytical skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills, proven knowledge of industry rules, regulations and operational standards.
• Experience in program design and evaluation, grants distribution, communications, and Board management.
• Demonstrated success in broad fundraising strategies such as donor cultivation, annual campaigns, writing and managing grants, and special events.
• Ability to interface and engage diverse stakeholders.
• Strong public speaking ability.
• Skills to collaborate with and motivate board members and other volunteers.
• Ability to convey the mission and vision to the Board, donors and other civic organizations.
• Ability to effectively establish and meet deadlines. Ability to self-manage and work independently.
• Ability to review and interpret legislation as it relates to the SCSF mission.
Preferred Qualifications:See Above.
Salary/Benefits: Pay Grade: P
FLSA: Exempt
To apply for this position, send a cover letter and resume (resume limit 2 pages) to by August 31, 2019.

Consideration/interviews will begin as soon as a list of applicants has been established.  Resumes/Applications will be evaluated and only those meeting the qualifications will be forwarded to the hiring manager to be considered.  Candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted directly.  Notification will only be sent to applicants selected for interviews.  Due to the large volume of applications received, we cannot provide application status information. 

It is the policy of the Georgia Department of Education not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, citizenship, gender, pregnancy, childbirth or other related conditions, national origin, religion, military or veteran status, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information or age in its employment practices. 

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) and each associated State School is a registered participant in the federal work authorization program commonly known as E-Verify. The GaDOE utilizes the program to verify employment eligibility of individuals hired on or after July 1, 2007. 

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Date of Authorization: 07/02/2007​​