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 ESOL Directors’ Munch & Learn Series 2020-2021

ESOL Munch and Learn Registration Link

  • August – ESOL Delivery Models & EL/TPCs  (PresentationScript; ESOL Course Numbers​; Recording​; FAQs)
  • September – WIDA ELD Standards & Resources (Presentation​; Script; Recording​; FAQs)
  • October – MTSS for ELs, EL/SWD, Gifted ELs (Presentation; Script; Recording​​; FAQs)
  • November – Middle School ELs, SLIFE, Newcomers, LTELs (Presentation; Script; Recording; FAQs)
  • December – Assessing ELs (Presentation; Script; Recording; FAQs)
  • January – Effective Interventions for ELs (Presentation; Script; Recording; FAQs)
  • February – ESOL Teachers Professional Capacity (Presentation; Script; Recording; FAQs)
  • March – EL Family & Community Engagement (Presentation; Script: Recording; FAQs)
  • April – EL Exit Procedures (Presentation; Script; Recording; FAQs)
  • May – EL Program Evaluation (Presentation; Script; Recording; FAQs)
  • June – ACCESS Data Literacy (Presentation; Script; Recording; FAQs​)​​