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 2021 Reimagining Education Conference

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2021 Reimaginin​g Education Conference Documents​

​​​​​Opening Plenary: Reimagining Education in Georgia [Presentation​] [Recording​]

1,2,3,4: A Healthy Monitoring Plan Achieves More! [Presentation​​] [Recording​]

A Winning Recipe for Teaching Behavior​ [Presentation] [Recording​]

Assessment and Accountability Updates [Presentation​] [Recording​]

​Best Practices and Strategies for Utilizing Stimulus Funding​ [Recording​]

Building and Retaining Effective Community Partnerships During the Pandemic and Beyond​ [Recording]

CARES Act Overview [Presentation​] [Recording​]

Creating Sustainable Practices Using Implementation Science [Presentation] [Handout​] [Recording]

Effective Instructional Practices for Literacy & Numeracy Across Content Areas​ [Presentation] [Recording​]

​Expanding Opportunities for Every Student [Presentation] [Recording]

Focus on GaDOE Formative Assessments and Resources [Presentation​] [Recording]

Healthy, Safe and Supported, Oh My! An Approach to Whole Child Education​ [Presentation] [Handout​] [Recording]

​Implementing Comprehensive Health Services in Schools [Presentation​] [Recording​]

In-Person and Virtual Attendance Reporting Requirements for 2021-22 [Presentation​] [Recording]

Integrating Accessibility and Assistive Technology Tools with High School Completion Strategies​ [Presentation​] [Recording]

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS): 10 Tips for Restarting and Reopening [Presentation​] [Recording]

Opportunities to Reimagine Learning [Presentation] [Recording] ​

Reimagining Student Success: Taking Care of Unfinished Learning​ [Presentation​] [Recording]

Technology: Mission Critical [Presentation​] [Recording]

Tiered Autonomy + Multi-Layer Support = Results [Presentation] [Handout] [Recording]

Using Data to Promote Student Learning in a Tiered System of Supports [Presentation​​] [Handout​] [Recording​]​

What is Personalized Learning?​ ​[Presentation​] [Handout​] ​​[Recording]

Who's Responsible for English Learners' Education? Reimagining a Supportive Learning Environment! [Presentation] [Handout​] [Recording​]​​

 Contact Information

Dawn Ashmore, Ed.S​.
Professional Learning Program Specialist

 Conference Program

​​Reimagining Education Conference Program
To register for the live sessions on June 21-22, 2021, open the conference program ​and select the registration link adjacent to the session descriptor