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 School Leader Resources


​The purpose of the Principal-to-Principal Webinar Series is to support educational leaders in their continuous improvement efforts and to address the expressed needs of principals in Georgia. Principals from throughout the state share how they have effectively implemented the best practices related to each topic.

Principal-to-Principal Presentations 2016-2017


Webinar 1, Collaborative Planning (Curriculum Standard 1)
​​Webinar 2, Balanced System of Assessments (Assessment Standard 1)
​Webinar 3, Vision and Mission (Planning and Organization Standard 1)

Principal-to-Principal Presentations 2015-2016

​Webinar 1, Data-Driven Leadership Teams (Leadership Standard 6)  
Webinar 2, Using Processes to Systematically Analyze Data to Improve Student Achievement (Leadership Standard 4)
​Webinar 3, Using Research-Based Instructional Practices to Positively Impact Student Learning (Instruction Standard 4)
​​Webinar 4, Monitoring Implementation of the School Improvement Plan (Planning and Organization Standard 3)
​Webinar 5, Evaluating and Improving School Culture (School Culture Standards 1-5)
Webinar 6, Summer Planning: How do effective principals use their summers to prepare for the upcoming school year?