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 Priority Schools


  • To focus on closing achievement gaps and enabling all subgroups of students to meet performance targets identified in the ESEA Flexibility Waiver in the academic areas

 Priority School (non-SIG School) Definition

  • Title I Schools
  • 3-year average of Content Mastery category performance 
    • Category performance will be weighted by enrollment for schools with more than one grade band
    • Schools must have 3 years of data 
  • Rank schools by 3-year average of category performance  
  • Select lowest 5% ​ 
  • Add schools with graduation rates <60%for 2 consecutive years
    • ​2013-2014 4-year cohort graduation rate
  • Schools identified as Priority Schools in 2012 which did not meet the exit criteria will be re-identified as Priority Schools

School Improvement Grant 1003(a) Purpose

  • To provide financial resources to local educational agencies (LEA) on behalf of Title I schools identified as Alert, Focus, or Priority. 

District Monitoring Cycles for Federal Programs Years 2015-2018

Monitoring Schedule on the District and School Performance Standards for Priority, Focus, and SIG Schools

Events and Conferences

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 Contact Information

Northwest Region
Amy Alderman
Lead School Improvement Specialist
Phone: 404-308-7250

Northeast Region 
Lead School Improvement Specialist 

West Metro Region
Lyn Wenzel 
Lead School Effectiveness Specialist 
Phone:  404-308-7322 

East Metro Region 
Paula Herrema
Lead School Improvement Specialist 
Phone: 404-308-7151

Southwest Region
Steve Olive 
Lead School Improvement Specialist 
Phone:  470-218-3749

Southeast Region 
Paula Cleckler, Ed.D. 
Lead School Effectiveness Specialist 
Phone:  404-308-2503 

SDE Staff Contact List
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