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 Process Guides

​​School Leadership Team Review Process Guide​

The Leadership Team Review Process Guide provides a school with detailed information on how to establish a strong leadership team to fully implement the Effective Leadership System and supporting structures within Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement (GSCI).  The school will be able to evaluate the cur​rent practices of their leadership team by completing a self-assessment using the High Impact Practices Implementation Rubric.  Following the self-assessment, the leadership team will discuss the progression needed to move the team to exemplary status and identify targeted actions for improvement.  The Leadership Team Review Process Guide provides resources and exemplars to assist schools in improving leadership team evidenced-based practices to support the continuous improvement cycle.​​

​The Georgia Department of Education guide to review and support processes and practices for high school graduation plans. GaDOE will support high schools in increasing high school graduation rates by ensuring:
​- all high schools have a written graduation support plan in plac
- graduation support plans are implemented with fidelity
- graduation rate percentages are tracked at defined intervals
- effective and consistent monitoring processes are in place
- graduation support plans are revised annually based on current data​

  • ​High School Graduation Plan Support Guide

Collaborative Planning Review Process Guide​

The Collaborative Planning Review Process Guide includes a framework that outlines action steps, provides essential tools, and identifies resources to effectively support school administrators in developing and monitoring collaborative planning processes.

  • Collaborative Planning Review Process Guide

School and District Effectiveness (SDE) Review Processes 


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