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 FY2022 Student Class Resources

​​Student Class is a collection of class roster data which links students and teachers to a class.

General Information

Student Class Transmissi​on Dates​​​​
Student Class ​​​Dat​a ​Element Detail (Updated 7/15/2021)​​​​​​
Data C​ollection FAQs​​​

Related Infor​mation

Reporting​ ​Deli​very ​M​odel​s
Reporting ON​LINE Courses​​​
Language Cod​es
Georgia Credit Recovery​​​
Dual Enrollment I​nstitution Codes​​
Dual Enrollment O​ut of State Course Numbers
◾​Pseudo Course Numbers
​◾Student Class Check​ List​​

 Contact Information

Nicholas L. Handville
Director of Data Collections, Analysis, and Reporting Technology Services​

Technology Service Desk​​
Georgia Department of Education
Phone: (800) 869-1011​