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 Open Office Hours

​​​​​​Data Collection Updates plus Q&A for all collections
Open Office Hours Q/A
Open Office Hours (Recording)​

​Attendance in a virtual environment; matrix detailing how to report Speech in FTE and reporting SC Delivery Models for Speech​
Open Office​ Hours Q/A​​​
Open Office Hours​ (Recording)

Funding Class size vs. Maximum Class Size; How to locate FTE funding weights; How to navigate State Board Rules
Open Office H​ours Q/A
Open Office H​ours (Recording)

How to access MyGADOE Helpdesk Portal, three ​ways to schedule/service Pullout Speech Therapy, Inclusion Speech Therapy, Supplemental Speech Therapy
Open Office ​Hour​s ​Q/A
Open Office Hou​rs

Student Class Reminders; Federal Child Find
Open Office Ho​urs Q/A
Open Office Hours​ (Recording)

Federal Child Find and how to Report a Child Find Student; Q&A
Open Office Hours Q/A​​
Open Office H​ours​ (Recording)

Resolving Errors and Duplicates; SC Delivery Model
Open Office Hours​ (Recording)

Review Reports in Data Collections Applications; Q&A
Open Office Hours​ (Recording)

Signoff, QBE reports, complex characters in file uploads, Student Safety, Manual relief comments; Q&A
Open Office Hours​ (Recording)

Reminders on E048, E0481, W3215; Q&A
Open Office Hours​ (Recording)

Data Collection updates, SpEd Rejection Recovery, How to find laws
Open Office Hours​

Downloading CPI Codes to PCGenesis, Gifted Dual Enrollment​​
Open Office Hours

Data Collection updates; Q&A
Open Office Hours​