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Assessment Data

: This session focuses on the various assessment data within SLDS. The data includes EOG and/or EOC Milestones student/classroom overall performance. The teachers will learn how to drill down to the domain levels of the Milestones content areas. Additional assessment data includes GOFAR, TestPad, Renaissance Learning, and NWEA data. The session will allow ample time for attendees to explore and assess their students’ data.
Prerequisite: “Data Overview” training

TKES Standards: This session will demonstrate how SLDS can assist teachers with TKES standards 2: Instructional Planning, 4: Differentiated Instruction, 6: Assessment Uses, 9: Professionalism.

Outline: Assessment Data Outline

Scavenger Hunt: Assessment Data Scavenger Hunt

Webinar: View 23 Min Video

5 Steps or Less: State Assessment Classroom Performance , Statewide Test Results , EOC/EOG Domain Analysis , And Additional 5-Steps

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