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Lexile – Reading Comprehension

: This session focuses on literacy/competency data and the use of that data. This session stresses why the Lexile data within SLDS is important to establish literacy strategies. The trainer will model for the attendees how to identify students that struggle with reading comprehension. The session will allow ample time for hands-on participation by the attendees.
Prerequisite: “Data Overview” training

TKES Standards: This session will demonstrate how SLDS can assist teachers with TKES standards 1: Professional Knowledge, 2: Instructional Planning, 4: Differentiated Instruction, 6: Assessment Uses, 9: Professionalism.

Outline: Lexile Outline

Scavenger Hunt: Lexile Scavenger Hunt

Webinar: View 12 Min Video 

5 Steps or Less: Accessing Lexile Scores , Lexile Scores Addl Info , Lexile Scores , And Additional 5-Steps

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