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TRL Workshop


: During this “workshop” session, teachers will build virtual folders to organize the resources they found in the Teacher Resource Link and Essential Tool Kit. The session will review for the attendees through hands-on participation how to create folders, arrange the selected resources, and export resources. Through exporting the resources, teachers can post the resource’s link to their class webpage, email the resource to parents/students, and even upload it to the TKES platform for documentation. Upon completion of this training session, teachers will have an in-depth awareness of the value of the 30,000+ resources embedded within SLDS. In addition, they will have created several personal resource folders containing digital resources for teachers to use when they are planning for their classroom instruction.
Prerequisite: “TRL Overview” training

TKES Standards: This session will show teachers how these SLDS resources can assist them with TKES standards 2: Instructional Planning, 4: Differentiated Instruction, 5: Assessment Strategies, 6: Assessment Uses.

Outline: TRL Workshop Outline

Scavenger Hunt: TRL Workshop Scavenger Hunt

Webinar: View 9​ Min Video

5 Steps or Less: Instructional Folders , New Folders , Saving A Resource , And Additional 5-Steps

Visit the SLDS Help and Training Page​ to learn more about training being offered by the GaDOE SLDS Training Team.​