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 Your School Now Has a Basic Cybersafety Framework in Place

At this point, a rudimentary cybersafety framework is in place. The steps taken to establish this framework promote a certain level of cybersafety within the school. However, all members of the school community should be continuously encouraged to extend their cybersafety further by:

  • Participating in relevant Professional Learning
  • Incorporating cybersafety education into the school’s curriculum
  • Regularly reviewing the school’s cybersafety initiatives and programs
  • Explaining the school’s cybersafety program to new staff and students/parents as they join the school.

In this way, the school can stay abreast of the rapid developments frequently made to technology, ensuring they are better prepared to manage and respond to any risks such changes pose to staff and student safety. The cybersafety team’s familiarization with Net Safe's School Incident Response Flowchart will also aid this process.