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 OpenSALT and CASE


OpenSALT is an open-source tool the Georgia Department of Education uses to publish course standards in a machine-readable format.  “OpenSALT® is a competency framework development and management tool certified as a framework provider and consumer for the IMS Global® CASE® standard."  This application assists subject matter experts and educational organizations to publish competency frameworks – such as content standards- where these frameworks can be ingested in machine-readable and human-readable formats.

The goal of the application is to help subject matter experts and educational organizations to easily create and publish competency frameworks in both human and machine-readable formats. OpenSALT is the easiest way to help curriculum and assessment developers to create and align content to learning goals and companies to define the knowledge skills and abilities required for any job or career. 


The Georgia Department of Education has adopted the technical specification by IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) called Competency and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) to enable a machine readable, linked data versions of state, local learning objectives and targets, and any workplace, military, or higher education competencies representing skills, knowledge, or abilities. By providing Georgia's competencies in CASE, districts, schools, and other consumers will be able to share information between systems such as learning management systems, assessment tools, curriculum management apps, certificate and competency-based evaluation systems, and any other tool, process, or content that aligns to or references a competency or framework.

Georgia's Wor​k in CASE

Georgia's CASE OpenSALT application is undergoing improvements in order to deliver the most accurate information regarding Georgia Standards to districts, schools, educators, and others.  For the 2021 year there are several focus areas that will be improved to enhance CASE.  

  • Georgia CASE 2021 RoadMap
    The Georgia CASE 2021 RoadMap provides a month by month plan the GaDOE will follow.​
  • Ge​orgia CASE Change Log 
    The change log will provide a list of changes made to OpenSALT and release each month. 

 Contact Information

​Angela Baker 
Technology Services Manager 

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