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Message from the Superintendent
Richard Woods, State School Superintendent

If you ever visit the Georgia Department of Education’s offices, you’ll see two desks from my own time as a student.

They're wooden desks, different from the flexible seating you see in many Georgia classrooms these days, and a little scuffed and worn.

And, yes – if you look closely, you'll find a few places where students of the past carved their initials into the wood.

Seeing those desks every day on the way to my office reminds me why the work we do here is so important. It also reminds me – although the memories the desks call up are ones I cherish – of how much education has changed since my own school days.

As educators, we now have access to a wealth of information that can help us do our jobs more effectively and make informed decisions to support student learning. Through the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS), districts, schools and teachers have access to historical data – including assessments, attendance, enrollment, courses, and grades – at the student level beginning with the 2006-07 school year.

The data in SLDS can help you identify students’ academic strengths and weaknesses and potential recurring impediments to student learning – like problems with attendance, or difficulty mastering prerequisite knowledge or skills – before they negatively affect student success.

A multitude of other resources are available through SLDS as well, including the Parent Portal, the Teacher Resource Link, the Career Pipeline Tool, the Counselor Companion, the Comprehensive Needs Assessment, access to GaDOE’s Keenville suite of formative assessments, and more.

I encourage you to explore the SLDS system and see how it can support you as you work with students each day.

It’s not about the numbers – it’s about the students behind them. It’s about the individual children we serve, whether they’re sitting in desks like the ones from my old classroom, or a makerspace, or a school garden. We’re focused on giving you the tools you need to prepare those students for life.

Should you have any feedback, or need support, please contact Thank you for the work you do each day to support Georgia’s children.


Welcome Khan Academy Content to TRL
Over 10,000 digital resources from Khan Academy have been added to TRL (Teacher Resource Link see below screenshot). Users can search for digital resources based on many things, such as Title, Publisher, Grade, Standard, Subject, etc. Click here to download a one page document on How To Search for Khan Academy Resources in TRL.

First Grade teacher, Shantise Griffin, from E.J. Swint Elementary School in Clayton County sent us this testimonial.

Each time that a representative comes to our school from GADOE for a SLDS training I find the information presented to be very resourceful. We were just recently trained on how to properly locate previous GKIDS data on our students. During parent conferences, I was able to use the data with my parents to show them how the previous skills that their child mastered or did not master from the previous grade level positively or negatively affected how their child was currently doing in my classroom. I believe that data should drive your instruction therefore being able to view the previous GKIDS data was very resourceful for me. I am a visual teacher when it comes to my parents and students and I feel that it is important to always have student work samples and data as a part of conferences so that the parents are able to view the assignments that the students are required to complete. Next school year I look forward to being able to use the GKIDS data to differentiate my small groups.



Yolanda Middlebrooks, a first grade teacher at Dunaire Elementary School in DeKalb County, is very happy with the SLDS training "Certificate of Participation" and plans to frame it and hang it on her classroom wall. Ms. Middlebrooks proudly showed the SLDS Trainer on his return trip to Dunaire Elementary School.

Click here for a Sample Certificate

CLIP & SIP 2019-2020 Now Available
The 2019-2020 CLIP Online is now available within SLDS. Many Districts have already begun their revisions. Just a reminder, Districts have the ability to "Clone" last year's signed off CLIP and make the appropriate adjustments for the new year's CLIP. Those Districts using the Online version for the first time- you will begin your new CLIP by entering data- as a reminder, your District's CLIP will be saved and for future years you will be able to "clone" your CLIP from one year to the next. This year, Districts only have two CLIP options- the S-CLIP (streamlined) or the Online SLDS CLIP.

SIP- School Improvement Plan is also available now. Schools have the ability to "Clone" last year's SIP (if the school used the Online SIP for their 2018-2019 SIP). Last year, many Districts chose to use the SLDS Online SIP as a standardized Improvement Plan for their District and Schools. This year, we are hearing where many more Districts are choosing that similar path.

CLIP Makes AdvancEd Easier in Trion City
During preparation for Trion City School’s AdvancED visit, all involved realized that the process was much easier and streamlined because of the work that we had completed in the Spring and Summer of 2018 preparing the online Comprehensive Needs Assessments and Improvement Plans at the school and district level. The indicators for the CNA aligned with AdvancED’s System Quality Factors (SQF), required only a review with stakeholders, not an entirely separate process as in the past. The main documentation that TCS provided to AdvancED to support the SQF ratings and narratives, through their online portal, was pdf versions of the schools’ and district’s CNA and their supporting documentations. Kelly Wilson, Director of Curriculum and Federal Programs, stated, “This year’s AdvancED visit was not as stressful as in the past. Documentation and preparation for the review was already completed because of the focus and guidance provided by Georgia’s DOE for the comprehensive needs assessment process.”

Teachers Kim Klouda, Roone Gable, and Eric Brock working on the CLIP


Free Training Opportunities
The Georgia Department of Education's SLDS training team provides training on all components of the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) free of charge to any Georgia public school. Each session is tailored to suit the audience in attendance and the allotted timeframe provided by school or system level personnel. All sessions are designed to be "hands-on" so attendees should have access to computers during the sessions. Once a training request is received through email or the Training Request Form, a GaDOE trainer will reach out to the requester to discuss training options to meet the needs of the school or system.

Click here for a full description of each of the training options listed below.
Teacher Training Series -
7 Sessions (35-50 Minutes each)

●Data Overview
●TRL Overview
●TRL Workshop
●Lexile-Reading Comprehension
●Social Data- Attendance, Enrollment, and Course Grades
●Assessment Data
●Differentiation Based on Data
In addition we offer:
●Teacher Refresher
Administrator Training
●Basic Administrator Training (120 Minutes)
●Extended Administrator Training (120 Minutes)
●IIS Data Analysis Tool (120 Minutes)
●Gifted Eligibility Form (60-90 Minutes)
●EL Form (60-90 Minutes)
●Learning Object Repository In-Depth Training (90-120 Minutes)
Customized options for training can be arranged based on the needs of individual schools or systems. Trainers can be scheduled to provide multiple types of the trainings described above over the course of one day. For example, we can arrange an administrator training in the morning and a teacher training in the afternoon.
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