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September 2019

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Coming Labor Day- New Teacher Dashboard
Coming Labor Day weekend, teachers will see a BRAND NEW Teacher Dashboard when they log into SLDS.

The above screenshot is a sample of how the new customizable dashboard will look when a teacher logs into SLDS. The available tiles (applications) will vary depending upon the district-assigned rights to that teacher (all tiles will not be available to all teachers). On the first time login, teachers will get a message telling them about the new dashboard. In that message, teachers will be told about "Classic SLDS." "Classic SLDS" is how we will refer to the previous version. Teachers will still be able to access the previous version by clicking on the very first tile "Classic SLDS." So, until you become familiar with the new tile layout, you can always go to the previous version and find what you are looking for.

Click on PDF resource for more information about the new Teacher Dashboard.

When a teacher is exploring some of the other areas (such as TKES, GOIEP, TRL, etc) they can return to the tiles, by clicking the "HOME" tab on the menu bar. Please consider sharing your opinions about the new teacher dashboard, by sending an email to

Testimonial- Facebook LIVE from Data Conference  
During the Data Conference last week, Maria Howell, ESOL Coordinator from Newton County shared on Facebook LIVE. In a matter of minutes, she was able to use the IIS Data Analysis Tool to identify her EL students. Check out what she had to say:

Mindy Andrews, Instructional Coach from Jasper County Middle School shared this in her post-training survey:

"After the JCMS teachers completed the second phase of SLDS training, I tasked them with identifying their EOG "Bubble" students. Teachers made a spreadsheet in SLDS for each of their classes. They highlighted students that were close to achieving the next level in math and ELA on the Georgia Milestones in 2018. After these students were identified, they added a column to identify each Bubble Students lowest domain. Now our teachers have these students on their radar and can provide what is needed to students to help them over the "Bubble". The training by the SLDS Training team has provided us with the ability to use data to enhance individualized student achievement."


2019 Fall Admin Summits
It has been 2 years since our last SLDS Admin Summits.  If you attended in the past, you might recall that SLDS Admin Summits are NOT intended to be “Training Sessions.” If they are not training sessions, then you may be wondering, “What are they?”  

Admin Summits are designed to share with administrators the variety of applications offered inside of SLDS.  With so many new applications added inside of SLDS over the past year, this year’s Summits will probably be even more fast-paced than previous years. Our intent is to share as much BROAD information as possible in the three hours that we have scheduled. Our hope is that you will be better informed to make decisions about training requests that best suit your needs.

This year we have arranged nine locations all across the state. Each session begins at 9:00 and runs to 12:00. Seats are limited, so please only register if you have every intention of attending.  When you register you will be asked to share with us any questions or topics you would like answered or discussed during the summit; so please take a moment to ponder those first. We want to be sure your attendance is a beneficial use of your time. 

You can register for the Admin Summit in your area by visiting

Training Center for Parents
The SLDS Training Team has developed a "Training Center for Parents." This is a place where parents and students can go online to review videos and user guides for the various tiles (applications) that are now available to them. We even developed a training module that districts and school administrators can schedule, where an SLDS trainer will come in and work with their staff to help the educators find the resources they can share with parents and students. This will definitely boost "Family Engagement."

On the right is an image of the "Parent Flyer" (info-graphic) that was also designed by the team. This flyer can be printed (8.5 x 11) and shared however the educator feels will be beneficial.

We Want Your Ideas
Over the past year, we have heard many great ideas from your fellow educators. Please consider sharing your ideas by posting to your favorite social media and using the #MyGaSLDS.

If you would prefer sharing your idea(s) directly to us, simply send them via email to

Free Training Opportunities
The Georgia Department of Education's SLDS training team provides training on all components of the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) free of charge to any Georgia public school. Each session is tailored to suit the audience in attendance and the allotted timeframe provided by school or system level personnel. All sessions are designed to be "hands-on" so attendees should have access to computers during the sessions. Once a training request is received through email or the Training Request Form, a GaDOE trainer will reach out to the requester to discuss training options to meet the needs of the school or system.

Click here for a full description of each of the training options listed below.
Teacher Training Series -
7 Sessions (35-50 Minutes each)

●Data Overview
●TRL Overview
●TRL Workshop
●Lexile-Reading Comprehension
●Social Data- Attendance, Enrollment, and Course Grades
●Assessment Data
●Differentiation Based on Data
In addition we offer:
●Teacher Refresher
●SLDS Parent Portal for Educators
Administrator Training
●Basic Administrator Training (120 Minutes)
●Extended Administrator Training (120 Minutes)
●IIS Data Analysis Tool (120 Minutes)
●Gifted Eligibility Form (60-90 Minutes)
●EL Form (60-90 Minutes)
●Learning Object Repository In-Depth Training (90-120 Minutes)
Customized options for training can be arranged based on the needs of individual schools or systems. Trainers can be scheduled to provide multiple types of the trainings described above over the course of one day. For example, we can arrange an administrator training in the morning and a teacher training in the afternoon.
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