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 Recent Updates

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​September 2020

    ​Statewide Longitudi​nal Data System (SLDS)

    • Spring Mid-Month 19-20 EOC results loaded to SLDS.

    Counselor Companion/My Career Plan

    • 6th grade YouScience Snippet results integrated.
    • My Career Plan student instructions updated.
    • 9th graders who took the Yo​uScience Sanpshot in middle school may use those results to select and save their 3 careers.

    IIS Dashboard

    ​Alternate ACCESS is now available in IIS.

    August 2020

      ​Statewide Longitudi​nal Data System (SLDS)

      • Spring 19-20 PreK results loaded to SLDS.
      • Spring 19-20 Headstart results loaded to SLDS​​​​

      July 2020

        ​Statewi​de Lon​​gitudinal Data System (SLDS)

        ​Spring 19-20 ACCESS and ALT ACCESS results loaded to SLDS.

        IIS Dashboard

        ​Spring 19-20 ACCESS results loaded to IIS.

        Teacher Resou​​​​​rce Link (TRL)

        ​"​My Folders" has been updated to "My Boards" in TRL.​